Current Project Status

Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO)

The map below shows the status of active projects throughout the TARPO planning area (those underway, or with funding identified). It does not show projects that are complete, or that are unfunded.

You can find more information about each project by clicking on the project in the map. A pop-up box with more information will appear. You can navigate around the map by clicking and dragging to pan the map, and by scrolling your mouse wheel to zoom in and out (similar to Google Maps or Bing Maps).

The information contained on these maps is believed to be accurate at the time it is updated. Updates to this map are developed approximately every two months, in coordination with updates to the project lookup tables found here. Because the information on this map is gathered from a wide variety of sources, there is the potential for errors to exist in the map. Any questions about the information on this map should be directed to Matt Day, TARPO Principal Planner, at (919) 558-9397 or Please note that these maps are presented for informational purposes only. Questions about specific projects should be directed to the appropriate NCDOT Division Office.

The information on this page was last updated 2015/05/12.

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