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Moore County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

TARPO, NCDOT, Moore County, and the municipalities within Moore County are currently working on a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). This plan will ultimately provide recommendations on transportation improvements in Moore County that could be implemented over the next 30 years.

In November of 2011, a series of public workshops (charrettes) were held in Moore County to gather input from the public. The report below provides documentation on the results of these charrettes.

Moore County November 2011 Charrette Report
Charrette Report Document
Charrette Report Appendices
Charrette Solution Databases
These databases show the solutions recommended by each group that participated in the charrettes. The solutions have been grouped according to the focus areas that were identified for the charrettes.
Solutions Identified for Cameron Focus Area
Solutions Identified for the Carthage Focus Area
Solutions Identified for the US 1 Focus Area
Solutions Identified for the Western Connector and West End Focus Areas
Public Comment Databases
These databases show the written comments submitted by charrette participants in response to two open-ended questions on the comment form.
Responses to the question "How can we make Strings and Ribbons better?"
Responses to the question "Do you have any comments you would like to share with the Comprehensive Transportation Planning Team?"

For more information on the Moore County Comprehensive Transportation Plan, visit NCDOT's Moore Choices website at

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